October 3, 2021

Click on the picture above to watch a 40 second video as County Commissioner Janet Long, Vice Chair, reacts to the idea of the Board of Commission putting term limits referendum on the 2022 ballot! That would only require 5 of 7 Commissioners approval instead of 56,893 citizen Petitions!

Securing Justice on the lost Term Limits is up to us!* Please sign the citizen petition!

*Over 250,000 Pinellas Voters already spoke up for term limits in 1996!

Twenty-six years ago in 1996, a group of Pinellas County citizens called Eight is Enough collected the required 48,000 voter petitions to get a question on the November ballot for voter consideration that asked in part: Do you support 8 Year term limits for Pinellas County Commissioners?

The voters spoke and it passed by a whopping 73%! A Mandate!

However, the legal battle was launched immediately by the powerful Pinellas political establishment who filed multiple lawsuits, lost 2 times and yet continued to file new lawsuits.

This battle lasted for years, effectively destroying the citizens’ victory, but not their intent.

Ever since Pinellas County Commissioners have carried on as if it never happened while the citizens wait for justice.

Finally, the discussion came up at the Board of County Commissioners 3 times since October with citizens attending to support term limits back on the ballot with public comment. At the end, they refused to put it back on the ballot.

You can see the general attitude of those refusing by watching County Commissioner Janet Long video.

This has now motivated a new group of Pinellas citizens to submit a new petition to amend the Pinellas County Charter to limit the terms of County Commissioners from none to two (2) consecutive terms in office for the upcoming November 2022 ballot.

To make it on the 2022 November ballot we need 8% of registered Pinellas voters to sign the petition. That is the required 56,893 signed petitions. The deadline for submission is mid-July.

Here are our current county commissioners and length of time as a Commissioner:

Janet Long

10 years

Pat Gerard

8 years

Charlie Justice

10 years

Dave Eggers

8 years

Karen Williams Seel

23 years

Kathleen Peters

4 years

Renee Flowers

1.5 years

…“There is so much power in the incumbency that if you do not have term limits then you have what we’re seeing in Pinellas County, which is the people not being paid any attention to,” Haselden said

How you can help!

Please print, sign and mail the petition to the address on the petition:

As you see, if term limits would have been implemented under the 1996 vote, 5 of the 7 sitting Commissioners would have been termed out over the years. 

Citizens, this is our chance to install rotation in our County Commissioner, but it is a massive undertaking that will require an all-in approach from the entire community.

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